Mercedes GLK Project

The concept for the "interactive" off roader was dreamed up by Ryan and Gary Klutt, ages 14 and 16. The sons of Legendary Motorcar founder and Dream Car Garage host, Peter Klutt. Both teenagers are expert snowboarders and skiers with considerable wakeboard and skateboard experience. Over the last two years they had been experimenting with an old van, making it part of their backyard skate park. It was their idea to take this concept mobile and incorporate the extreme sports elements into the Legendary design.

Gary and Ryan were an integral part of the design team for the Legendary GLK, coming up with the ideas for the winch and pop out grind bars. Of course they were also the first to test out all the Legendary GLK's interactive features.


Legendary Motorcar Company was extremely honored to be chosen by Mercedes Benz to be one of the competitors in the GLK Tuner Challenge, to be on the same stage as such well known tuners as Brabus, RennTech and Blvd. Customs.

The talented craftsmen and fabricators at Legendary have seen some different projects come through the door over the years, a Corvette LS6 powered Prowler, 200 mph Cuda and a 1957 Mercedes Gullwing...but the GLK was like nothing we ever did before and perhaps with the tightest deadline ever.

Inspired by snowboarding and wake boarding adventures of Peter's sons, the Legendary GLK would be an interactive "extreme sport" off roader. Our GLK builds on the Mercedes already rugged capabilities to make a vehicle that is not only able to get you there but becomes part of the action. Park the Legendary Motorcar GLK in a parking lot or any useable terrain and the Mercedes-Benz SUV becomes an integral part of the sport.

The Legendary Motorcar built GLK features a detachable ramp system, winch and side and roof mounted grinding boards.

The integrated gas powered winch and handle throttle will get the boarder up to speeds of 30 mph...more than enough to jump the GLK and grind across the roof mounted rails.


Of course we added a Plexiglas roof panel so you don't go through the sunroof. As you can see Peter's kids were our guinea pigs... I mean test subjects.

The GLK also features pop out side grind rails, fold out light bars and custom push bar, all one off stainless steel pieces created in our shop. To complete the look 17 inch off road rim and tire combo and suspension lift.

Since the GLK was such a departure for us I also have to thank some of our friend for lending a hand, National 4x4 in Burlington, Ontario and a painter extraordinaire, Ron Gibbs for the graphics and traditional pin stripping.